What is PROactive Vision Coaching? 

With a unique neuroscience micro-tool, we are teaching Pacific Northwest Athletes how to direct the energy of their mind to create new neuronal pathways (bridges) in the brain for peak performance and improve their “mental game”.  Our soul focus is to assist transitioning adolescents into becoming thriving proactive and healthy adult contributors to society.



Our athletes claim authority over their "Mental Game"!


We teach athletes elite mindset management strategies for high achievement and peak performance.  

Learn how to use micro-tools based in neuroscience for fast and permanent results.  

We produce confident players with advanced leadership skills who excel under pressure.



 PROactive Vision travels around the Pacific Northwest in partnership with athletic departments, coaches, sports organizations and teen camps.  



To schedule individual coaching, camp workshops, and speaking engagements, fill out the contact form below. 


Being UnNormal Podcast S2E6 - Being Mindful
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"Have you ever felt like it's happening too fast, I'm not quite ready for it to happen, yet!" ~ Kristi Z. Vancouver, WA

"Just redid my vision recording two days ago.  You can manifest your future!  If you are looking for that one coach that seems to have the edge over many, I would highly recommend Rachel" ~Kerri F. Astoria, OR

"We made more progress with Rachel in 1 hr, than we did in months with another coach." ~The Lawsons Olympia, WA



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Tel: 503.610.8021


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